Check your Street Fighter HD Remix stats via the Internet

Oh, technical delays. It took some bug squashing and a title update, but it’s finally here. You can now view your Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix stats on the Internet. And it rocks. That is, if you’ve played the game recently.

Yesterday, Capcom announced (via their community blog, Capcom Unity) the HD Remix stats page. After dropping your GamerTag or PSN ID in the little search box on the page, you’ll be able to access tons of information: your ranking, rating, win/loss ratio, perfects, max combo, and even the amount of throws. You can even sort it by character if you use the little drop down box where the empty picture is.

At some point within the last month or so there was a stats wipe, so this isn’t exactly all-time. Still, though, it’s fun to see how much you suck. Check out my stuff. I was pummeled this morning for the sake of Destructoid. Let’s see your stats!

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