Check out Yun & Yang in Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

We had heard rumors. We had hoped. We had believed. And now it is finally true. Yun & Yang are confirmed for Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Yes, the perpetually-stuck-with-things-that-represent-popular-culture-from-a-decade-ago brothers are back in action, and the trailer above proves it.

Now, I bet you want to play as them right now, don’t you? Well, hopefully you have a Japanese arcade somewhere nearby because there’s no DLC announcement for them at the moment. That doesn’t mean there won’t be. A pair of popular Street Fighter characters like this is bound to get a console release at some point. And by “bound to” I mean that they better or I’m going to start kicking ass and chewing bubble gum… and I’m all out of Bubblicious, son.

You can see the two in action below.

Matthew Razak