Check out Yamaha’s WiiMusic-like device

After seeing Nintendo’s WiiMusic at E3 last week, I have nothing good to say about it. It’s a stupid execution of a good idea. Nintendo really knows how to make a great music game (try Daigasso Band Bros. DX), so I don’t know what went wrong here.

I have no idea why Japanese electronics company Yamaha would want a to make something similar, but they have. Even though their Muro looks like a poorly-designed dildo, it’s really a 2.4ghz wireless device, packed with accelerometers that send data to a PC-connected receiver. So, it’s kind of like WiiMusic, except without the Miis and Nintendo songs.

This device will play music by sensing the speed and direction of acceleration, says Tech On. Up to 24 Muro devices can be connected to one base unit at once to make what is sure to be the most awkward musical performance ever.

“Suppose, for instance, a unit is held in each hand,” said Katsumi Matsui of Yamaha. “When you swing the unit in your right hand, it barks ‘bowwow.’ And you can make the sound ‘meow’ by using the unit in your left hand.”

See, they’re even ripping off Nintendo’s WiiMusic Puppy Suit

I can’t decide which one is worse!

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