Check out what DDO: Eberron Unlimited looks like

Your first look at Turbine’s recently announced digital upgrade to Dungeons and Dragons Online, titled “Eberron Unlimited,” is available in the gallery below.

No need to feign surprise: the upgrade won’t affect the visual quality of the game. Think of it (on the game side) as a traditional expansion. The level cap will raise, new monsters will be introduced, and a new class will be revealed. The press release for the Eberron digital upgrade mentions “major new content” will be added, so there could be more than just the aforementioned stuff.

We believe that slippery content quote doesn’t include the big news: “Eberron Unlimited” will make Dungeons and Dragons Online a free-to-play MMO. An item store and a VIP program (for those who still desire to pay monthly) will be introduced with the upgrade when it releases this summer.

Also, there will be Turbine Points, otherwise known to us as Space Bucks.

Brad BradNicholson