Check out Tony Hawk: RIDE at GameStop now… kind of

Activision’s taking a bit of gamble with Tony Hawk: RIDE, its all-feet-based skating game scheduled to hit this November. While the Tony Hawk series definitely needed a makeover, this $119.99 entry to the new era of the digital Hawk-Man may seem a bit too risky for those who haven’t played the game or even touched the peripheral. 

GameStop and Activision have solved half of the problem, by putting a full-sized, final retail Tony Hawk: RIDE skateboard peripheral in the retailer’s stores as part of its marketing. While there’s no game to go along with it (really, it’s just the board as pictured above), you can at least get a better of idea of what you might expect to have sitting on your living room floor (and whether or not it’ll fit under your couch). 

Of course, because the thing is mounted (and not removable from) a rack, you’ll only be able to touch it with your hands. Odd, considering this is a game that will require the full use of your feet, from the menus to your in-game skating experience. Still, if you’re on the fence about Tony Hawk: RIDE (or at least have convinced yourself to take the leap), here’s one option for (kind of) checking it out early. 

Nick Chester