Check out Tom Holland as Uncharted hero Nathan Drake

But how is he at snapping necks?

It has been the rockiest, rockiest road to fruition for Sony’s cinematic adaptation of Naughty Dog adventure Uncharted. But, following a string of pre-production hurdles and COVID-19 delays, we finally have our first image of the silver screen’s Nathan Drake.

Actor Tom Holland, best known for his work as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, can be seen looking dashing and daring whilst parked within some suitably tropical terrain. Holland will play a young version of the treasure hunter, with the movie telling the store of Drake’s formative years in adventuring. Mark Wahlberg is on-board as Drake’s tutor and father figure, Sully, while Antonio Banderas is also on the cast sheet in an unannounced role, suspected to be the villain of the piece.

The internet will internet, and already Holland-as-Drake has received disapproving clucks from a lot of folk. For whatever it’s worth, I dig the look, considering that this is, after all, supposed to be a young Drake who has not yet committed to a life of cliff-climbing and mercenary murder. Holland was also visited on-set by Nathan Drake’s original voice and motion-capture artist, Nolan North, who hopefully offered the star a few pointers on getting the “lovable rogue” gimmick down.

We’ll see Holland and friends in action when Uncharted finally hits theaters in summer 2021.

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