Check out this prototype for a Sonic the Hedgehog skateboarding game

Better than Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5?

You’ve all heard of the cancelled Sonic X-treme (with its various spellings), but have you heard of the completely unrelated Sonic Extreme, a hoverboard game prototype that used assets from Sonic Heroes? Well, you have now. Check out some footage from the unreleased Xbox prototype that never got the greenlight from Sega above.

It looks better than Sonic Boom and almost as good as Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 to me, but nowhere near as perfect as the drawing I did of the hedgehog himself in VR via the Vive’s Tilt Brush as seen in the header image.

For more details about the prototype and Vision Scrape, the developers behind it, check out this accompanying video.

Jed Whitaker