Check out this new teaser for upcoming horror, The Park

Press Right Click to Callum

Funcom has released a behind-the-scenes video showcasing gameplay of upcoming horror game, The Park.

Funcom’s first foray into single-player storytelling for a decade, The Park tells the tale of Lorraine, a “rough around the edges” mother looking for her missing son, Callum. The search takes her through the environs of a creepy-ass Amusement Park.

“For the last ten years, Funcom has been focused on making massively multiplayer online games, so The Park is our first single-player experience in a long time,” says creative director, Joel Bylos.

“It has been an incredibly fun and rewarding process working on The Park. What initially started out as a prototype and a way for us to learn new development tools, has evolved into a short and intense psychological horror experience which we are all very excited to share with gamers out there.”

Funcom describes the psychological tension of the game as “the feeling [you get from] a Stephen King novel.”

There’s no set release date, but The Park’s website cites it as “coming October 2015″… so expect it soon.

Vikki Blake