Check out this Korg DS-10 live performance

Ever since we first heard of the Korg DS-10 software synthesizer for the Nintendo DS, I’ve been impatiently rocking in my chair. When I’m not writing for this fine network of Web sites, I’m making music, and this software on a portable game system is like a dream to me. I preordered a copy at the earliest opportunity.

I’ve been dying to see this in use, and today Siliconera delivers. At Linear, a “hybrid entertainment floor” in Shibuya, an artist had a chance to show off and perform with an early copy of the Korg DS-10 synth. It’s not the most compelling performance, and I think my Welsh Corgi could track a better beat, but it is cool to see this thing in action.

Here recently, I’ve had to warn a few people about the nature of this DS software. I tell them that if they’re expecting a game, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. Of course, if editing envelopes and step sequencing is fun for you, then you can think of it as a game. Otherwise, this is a software synth. A video below the jump shows some parameter tweaking, which may be exciting or totally boring, depending on your love of digital music.

How many of you are picking this up? 

Dale North