Check out this epic Post-It war at Ubisoft HQ

There’s a war going on over at Ubisoft’s Paris HQ between the game maker in a nearby bank, but it has nothing to do with money. In fact, Mario, Pac Man and Kirby are on the front lines of this war. 

Check out the Post-It note creations on the windows of Ubisoft Paris. These windows face French bank BNP Paribas, so the two offices are having a sort of showdown with these creations.

Apparently it started back in May when an Ubisoft employee decorated her window with a sticky note Space Invaders tribute. A few co-workers joined in, the bank came back with some of their own, and now the battle rages on.  Now Forevergeek says that both building’s windows are covered with art. There’s Pac-Man, Asteroids, Mario, Bowser, Link from The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog Rayman, Pikachu, Batman, Hello Kitty and more so far. Ubisoft’s own Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed and the Rabbids are also on display.

There’s some really great images on the battle’s Facebook page. There’s even a Post-It War website.

Dead trees.

Dale North