Check out this Covenant Energy Sword replica prototype

Do you know why the Covenant Energy Sword is one of the most powerful weapons in Halo 3? I don’t either. It has something to do with plasma contained in the handle, and magnetic fields or some technical crap. I think they look like fancy corn on the cob skewers!

I’m kidding. These are pretty badass; even more so when you see them in action. The swords light up and even make one of nine sound effects on contact with each other. I wonder if they make sounds on contact with human flesh. 

Don’t act cool. You know you want one. They will retail for about $200 when released in December. Want to make sure you get one? This place is taking preorders for only $20, and this other place for $30. 

Are you checking your wallet now?

[Thanks, Hito – Team Culdcept forever!]

Dale North