Check out these Last Rebellion screens, try to get excited

Information about up-coming, PS3-exclusive RPG, The Last Rebellion, has been sparse since the game was announced a few months ago. The game is a collaborative effort between Hitmaker and Nippon Ichi Software, and it should be available some time this fall, although whether or not it’s coming Stateside is still a bit of a mystery.

Exploration is free-roaming, but the battles are a standard, turn-based affair cleary influenced by Vagrant Story: you can target your enemies’ specific body parts. Attack the legs and your enemy’s movement suffers; break an arm and his attack stat decreases, and so on and so forth.

What little I actually know about the premise sounds rather humdrum: Last Rebellion‘s two protagonists are Nine, a “Blade” on a quest for revenge (*yawn*), and Aisha, a magical “Sealer.” Unfortunately, the new batch of screenshots sitting in the gallery don’t inspire much confidence, either: they’re just kind of bland. They have a vague Devil Summoner feel, but nothing particuarly striking.

Here’s the catch, though: Nine and Aisha share one soul and one body and, consequently, one turn in battle. I suppose it could be interesting, but I’ve got a lot of RPGs to play already — The Last Rebellion is going to need something more compelling to convince me. According to a statement made to SiliconEra, the game is in the process of getting “overhauled,” so I won’t write it off just yet.

[via Gamekyo]

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