Check out these Champions Online screenshots

Don’t worry, it’s not your eyes: Cryptic Studios or Atari turned up the contrast to eleven in this latest batch of screenshots for MMO Champions Online. Prepare to have your eyes melted by the vivid colors, especially if you’ve been busy playing an earthy game like Red Faction: Guerrilla or the especially drab Prototype.

By the way, Destructoid is not responsible for eye meltage or any other side effect of looking at images of a game that doesn’t prominently feature the color brown.

Even though we’ve seen more stuff of late, it’s important to remember that you won’t see Champions Online on store shelves for a bit. The game is scheduled to hit in early September for the PC and Xbox 360, right before the holiday firestorm of titles hits.

If you’ve been waiting for the title, turn that frown upside down: there’s some sweet stuff in the images to drool over. You can see, easily, that Champions has an advanced character creator. There’s a lizard dude, an owl dude, and a dude armed with metallic tentacles. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for optional shields. The ability to create a Captain-Not-America needs to happen, Cryptic.

Brad BradNicholson