Check out the PC specs for Metro Exodus right here

Full steam ahead, or barely out of the station?

4A Games survivalist shooter Metro Exodus is bearing down the tracks toward its February 15 release date. In a game where atmosphere and visual immersion is pretty paramount, the developer has released the PC specifications for its snowbound sequel.

You can check out the stats below to see how your rig shapes up for the impressive-looking first-person shooter. The barrier of entry is relatively low at the shallow end, but it looks like you’ll need quite the punch in your system if you want to bust out the sequel in all of its 4K/60FPS glory.

Of course, Metro Exodus is also available on PS4 and Xbox One, so even if you aren’t one of Europe’s five richest kings, you can still jump in on the post-apocalyptic action. Metro Exodus launches February 15 on PS4, PC and Xbox One. You can find out our own CJ Andriessen’s thoughts on the game right here.

Chris Moyse
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