Check out the latest footage of the Gum-Gum-swinging open world One Piece game here

Just copy Spider-Man’s swing physics, thanks

Ganbarion is hard at work on One Piece: World Seeker, an open world One Piece adventure slated to arrive in 2019. Originally it was on track for this year, but the team decided that it needed more polish on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and delayed it: I welcome all open world delays!

To tide people over they’ve just put out a new clip for the game, which briefly shows some open world romping, but is mostly focused on the conflict between the owner of jail island (a mysterious scientist) and the resistance. Both factions will be led by original characters that have not appeared in the manga or anime.

As long as a lot of the open world bits aren’t busywork/feel randomly generated, this is shaping up to be something great.

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