Check out the first gameplay footage for Psychonauts 2

Platforms and goats galore!

Double Fine has just released another product update for Psychonauts 2 and it finally gives us a glimpse of the upcoming sequel’s gameplay.

You can watch Raz platform-hop, swing around and use telekinesis to mess with a bunch of dumb goats. The sprawling area being showcased looks far larger than anything in the original game.

The chunk of the game on show in the video is about an hour in length and contains some of the story’s cutscenes. The developers stress in the “dev diary” style video that nothing is final, or even close to ready to ship, but it’s still cool to see Raz and friends back in action.

The “First Playable” is an area of the game that we’ve built to test our new pipelines and workflows across all departments — art, animation, tech, design, cinematics, etc. We’ve tested all of this a lot during pre-production, but this is our first big attempt to create a fully arted up, fully playable chunk of gameplay with all the systems, art, gameplay, and tech working in the same place. You may see other teams refer to something like this as a “Vertical Slice” , though we don’t use this terminology because it tends to imply a level of polish and completeness that isn’t really required at this stage of production.

Psychonauts 2 update [Fig]

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