Check out some new Klonoa Wii footage

Remember late last year when our own Dale North got a look at Klonoa: Door to Phantomile at the Tokyo Game show? The U.S. version, simply called Klonoa, is due to come out next week (on May 5th) and is looking pretty great. Hit the jump to check out two new gameplay videos and a slew of new screens from the cute little platformer.

You play the role of Klonoa in the game, who must save the land of Phantomile from a terrible evil. You’ll be aided by a benovelent spirit named Hewpoe who will fight alongside you. One of the great things about this title is the wide variey of control options: you can play it with Wiimote and nunchuk, Wiimote alone, classic controller or your GameCube controller. This is definitely relevant to my interests, since I’m too old and grumpy to bring myself to enjoy anything involving the Wiimote. Are you going to pick this one up? 

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