Check out some Monsters vs. Aliens screenshots

Activision dumped a ton of screens on us for their game based on the upcoming Dreamworks film, Monsters vs. Aliens. There’s a few screens for the 360 version, a few for Wii and a whole mess of DS images.

I’m interested in seeing the film because I typically enjoy Dreamworks’ animated features but the game sounds like a clone of Kameo, except based on a movie license and not developed by a company with Rare’s pedigree. Such a combo makes me wary of it on instinct alone. Still the screens look decent, even on Wii and I could wind up being surprised.

I think I’d probably be more likely to desire a licensed game called Monsters vs. Aliens if it were based in Toho’s monster universe. Won’t take long to find out if it’s any good, though. The game is set to release alongside the film later this month.

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