Check out Rocket League on PC this weekend for the low price of free

Brett is happy

Instead of whittling your life away with The Division‘s free weekend, why not check out Rocket League on PC? For starters, the game is actually good! Secondly, its also free this weekend! That is pretty awesome. Rocket League has cross-platform multiplayer, too, so you’ll definitely be able to find someone you can play with.

In addition to being free until Monday, Rocket League is also currently 30% off on Steam. That brings the price down to $13.99 and you can even get the “Game of the Year” edition (which includes a few cosmetic DLC packs) for $17.49. You honestly can’t beat that. Maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and buy the game instead of just mooching off my PS Plus freebie. Wait, didn’t I say that a few months ago?

Steam Free Weekend and Sale Start Today! [Steam Community]

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