Check out MX vs ATV Reflex’s Rider Reflex feature

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A brand new trailer for MX vs ATV Reflex is out and it highlights the game’s Rider Reflex feature. Reflex will see players controlling both the vehicle and the rider. You’ll be able to use the right analogue stick on your controller to lean your character on the ATV or bike to take tighter turns or gain more speed. Samit got his hands on the game not too long ago and elaborates more on this unique feature.

You can also learn more about this after the break as Jolene Van Vugt, co-star of MTV’s Nitro Circus, talks about the new feature. I played the game myself during E3 09 and was rather impressed by the new control scheme. I just wonder if people will like this new play style. Guess we’ll find out later this year when it’s released on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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