Check out Dead Island 2’s bloody intro cinematic

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When there’s no more room in development hell

We’re about a month away from Dead Island 2’s escape from development hell, so Deep Silver is getting us primed with a peek at the game’s intro cinematic.

In the stylish intro, we’re shown various eerie scenes from “HELL-A,” the zombie-fied version of Los Angeles. While it’s no zombie-child being defenestrated in reverse, the intro is plenty moody, with a slow, reverb-laced song playing over top of familiar places in various states of dereliction. While it’s obviously trying to disturb you with its depiction of a vacant society, it does so in a pretty stylish way. The cinematic was done by ELASTIC, who has also had a hand in a lot of cool stuff, and their work for Dead Island 2 is not exception.

While I wouldn’t say I’m burnt out on zombies, the original Dead Island left me less than enthused about a sequel. I played it with a friend a number of years ago, and the standout moments for me were when a guy kept pestering us for empty bottles and when we had to go to a zombie factory. I don’t remember if it was actually a zombie factory or if it was just where the zombies came from, but I turned to my friend and wondered allowed what had happened to our plan of escape.

Maybe there was a good reason why we were going to the zombie factory; I don’t know. It just seemed like an odd detour for a bunch of rubes just trying to survive. Maybe I’ll play Dead Island 2. I don’t know. However, it will take more than a cinematic trailer to convince me to put my money down.

Dead Island 2 is lurching toward an April 21 release date on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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