Check out all this cosplay from Anime Expo in 60 FPS

What is anime?

Cosplay videos are always challenging, especially when you’re at a show where you don’t recognize half the characters. I don’t watch a whole lot of anime, but I wanted to see if I could make an interesting video nonetheless! Maybe I succeeded, who knows? Also, I forgot to turn off the 60 frames-per-second setting on my camera, so enjoy that option.

We shot a decent amount of stuff for this video, and I was impressed with the people we got on-camera. They either played along with the goofs I was throwing out there (we had to cut some of the JoJo stuff for time, but it was all really good) or they gave a genuine answer to a silly question.

My favorite part of putting this video together was the Kill la Kill segment. I knew exactly what I wanted to do there & I knew how it was going to fit in the video, but explaining it was the tough part. Props to those two cosplayers for going along with my bullshit. They’re the real heroes.

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