Check out 10 minutes of Astral Chain action right here

Space Patrol

Nintendo Japan has released an “action overview” video of PlatinumGames’ upcoming anime adventure Astral Chain, which is headed exclusively to Switch this August. The 10-minute trailer includes plenty of hack ‘n’ slash action, as the narrators explains the concept of Astral Chain’s mechs, or “Legions”.

Set against the backdrop of an inter-dimensional invasion, Astral Chain will see players control two characters at once, a rookie Neuron officer and one of a range of Legions – living weapons capable of momentous damage – in an effort to fend off the attackers and save the planet. Each Legion will feature its own individual skill-set, so players must manage their arsenal on the fly to best fit the given situation. I like the doge one at 09:25.

As is to be expected from a PlatinumGames release, Astral Chain will feature chaotic combat against impossible odds and some gigantic adversaries. Directed by Takashi Taura – who is best known for his work on Platinum’s NieR: Automata  – Astral Chain features an similarly apocalyptic world to explore, in an adventure that will take you to the edge of this planet and beyond.

Astral Chain launches on Nintendo Switch August 30. A Collector’s Edition has been confirmed for Europe.

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