CheapyD won the Saints Row 3 charity auction

Hopefully, you heard about Volition’s charity auction. If not — even though you can’t see this right now — I’m menacingly scrunching my face as if to say you aren’t very nice at all. Long story short, the auction was for a voice role in Saints Row 3. It’s a small, goofy part.

Cheap Ass Gamer’s own CheapyD won the auction with $1,725. Not only is this great news for the Ashley Ames Foundation (the charity in question) and the site’s ever-generous CEO, but it’s going to be a treat for us as well. Anyone who has listened to CheapyD before knows how memorable his voice is.

Now, a character in Saints Row 3 is going to have his distinct tone; it’s almost like an easter egg for those of us who stay current with videogame websites. So awesome!

CheapyD in Saints Row 3 [Cheap Ass Gamer — Thanks, Pat]

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