Cheap Stellaris and Dragon’s Dogma for $10 in ‘Most Played’ PC sale

Paradox Interactive has a way of stealing time

Did you forget to build your space empire in last year’s Stellaris? Perhaps you didn’t bother visiting Capcom’s excellent PC port of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen? If you didn’t play some of the well-received games of 2016, GMG has you covered in a new Most Played Games of 2016 sale.

While we can’t exactly figure out GMG’s criteria on “most played,” we did notice many were Paradox Interactive strategy titles. We suppose you can make the argument that these have endless replayability since no two games would play out exactly alike. Regardless, there are some really decent discounts to be found.

There is a new historic low price on the Stellaris Galaxy Edition (Nova and Standard Editions are near historic lows) along with the aforementioned Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. All other titles in the sale are within a buck or two of their best prices ever. Don’t see the price drop? Login or register for an account and you’ll see the final price during checkout.

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Paradox Strategy Games

Killing Floor 2

    The GMG sale is fairly short-lived as these discounts are only good now through Friday morning ending at 9AM Pacific. That said, at least you have a few days to pickup the price breaks.

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