Chatting about the ESRB’s penis problems and Sweden’s free game dev camp

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Good news, everyone! We’ve got some outstanding Sup Holmes reruns for you to enjoy on this fine Sunday afternoon. First up is our talk with Robert Yang, the creator of SucculentStick ShiftCobra Club, and many more. We talked about Robert’s motivations, the popularity of his “spank a man” simulator Hurt Me Plenty in Japan, his dreams of completing a game that’s a cross between Porco Rosso and Animal Crossing, the ERSB’s harsh judgements on erect penises, and a lot more. Robert also made fun of me occasionally for talking about how straight I am (about 9/10 on the straight-o-meter) and I deserved it. 

We also have an episode with Ditto, the creator of hets (available on Curve Digital’s Indie Mixtape) and a variety of other explosive, colorful delights. Our conversation happened just as Ditto was finishing up Kryp, his new one-button multi-player shooter. He concocted that the game while in the warm embrace of Stugan (Sweden’s premiere scholarship-based video game incubator program), a summer event that sounds like literal heaven on Earth. We talked about why he’s reluctant to charge for his work, the idea of doing a Splatoon fan-game, and a lot more. 

Thanks so much to Robert and Ditto for being on the show, and feel free to tune in today at 4pm EST when we welcome Nicholas McDonnell (Screencheat) to the program. We’re giving out codes for some Wii U and 3DS games too, so that’s neat. 

Jonathan Holmes
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