Chaos Rings dungeons level up as you do

If you like your RPGs to constantly put the pressure on and hate having to deal with weaklings when your party are all Level 100 annihilators, then Chaos Rings might be the game for you. Square Enix’s promising iPhone RPG will feature scalable difficulty, boasting dungeons that level up as your characters do.

When dungeons level up, they house tougher monsters that drop rare items, providing an incentive to revisit old areas once players are stronger. Sounds pretty good to us. Chaos Rings looks damn hot, and it’s actually out worldwide this week! I did not know that, and I’m guessing a fair few of you didn’t either. Now you do!

I’d ask Square Enix for a review code, but something tells me I’m going to have to buy this. 

Dungeons In Chaos Rings Level Up With You [Siliconera]

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