Champions Online now cheaper

If the middling reviews have kept you from diving into Champions Online, know now that can be obtained on the cheap. Several retailers — including Steam, Direct2Drive, Amazon, and GameStop — are pricing the superhero MMO at $40 or under instead of the usual 50 bones. That’s like, at least, a 10-dollar savings folks!

Of course, that’s not the only cost — Champions is one of those old-school MMOs that carries a subscription fee. No worries on that end, though. Cryptic offers new people the pleasure of playing the game for a limited time without having to dish out cash.

If the new price of Champions sounds about right for the content– we have a review, you know — feel free to jump on this deal. And, hey, make a Brad Nicholson while you’re at it. The digital plains of the MMO can’t ever have too many.

[via Joystiq]

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