Champions Online delayed, Mr. Undelayable unable to stop it

Champions Online, Crytpic’s superhero MMO for consoles and PC, has been pushed back to September 1 according to a posting on the game’s official Web site. The game was originally slated to hit store shelves July 14.

The reason for the delay seems to be the usual: the studio needs more time to implement features in order to make sure that launch doesn’t suck.

“It is critically important for an MMO to be as good as it possibly can be at launch,” Bill Roper, design director and executive producer, told fans. “Through our constant dialogue with our vocal and supportive community of beta testers, we quickly realized that in order to implement certain features that we all considered important the development of Champions Online would require more time.”

As many an MMO player will tell you, launch is usually an awkward time that can make or break the experience for many gamers. Cryptic’s just making sure they can nail it. And let’s hope they do. We’ve been looking to rock out in Champions for a long time now.

Brad BradNicholson