Chainsaws and blood: Fairytale Fights has these things

Fairytale Fights may surprise. Underneath the cutesy veneer lies a bloody — dare we say, visceral — game. Developer Playlogic Games Factory released a new teaser trailer for the brawler this afternoon. The video throws the game’s candy-inspired visuals to the pavement with the roar of a few chainsaws and several ferocious spurts of crimson. Oh — there’s gore, too. Flying skull caps, folks!

Catch the action below the fold if you fancy watching impish women flash across a brilliant white background while harnessing chainsaws.

Just a reminder: Fairytale Fights hits the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC “holiday” this year. We’ve had limited access to the title, but saw a bit of brilliance during a recent hands-off session. Make sure to give that a once-over if you’ve ears perked after watching this trailer.

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