Chad representin’ Destructoid tonight on GameTrailers TV

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from GameTrailers asking if I would like to represent Destructoid on the site’s new television show, GameTrailers TV. Since I would do anything for Destructoid (and I mean anything) I quickly agreed.

The segment myself and other “industry insiders” taped airs during tonight’s episode and will focus on the all encompassing “Predictions of 2008!” Who will win the console wars, what game will lead the pack, that kind of stuff.

I have not seen the episode so I have no idea how much Destructoid will be featured, but I am hoping for the best. I am just praying they don’t show me doing something ridiculously embarrassing like, I don’t know, calling Reggie Fil-Amis an “angry badger” or mistakenly referring to Killzone 2 as an Xbox 360 game. Ugh. I was nervous, okay?!

Between one of your Friday Night Fight bouts, take a break and check out the show (it airs at on SPIKE). If you miss it tonight, you can also check it out in high-definition on or download the episode on Xbox Live Marketplace. Oh my gosh, I just realized: My stinking mug is going to be available on Xbox Live … in HD. Hide your children.

Chad Concelmo