CES: The big reveal of the show

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The big reveal at CES 2011 wasn’t a PlayStation Phone, iPad 2, next generation Xbox or anything like that. It was candy. Reese’s Minis, to be exact.

They seriously had a timed reveal in the main walkway of the main hall today here at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There was a large covered cart that was marked “do not open till January 6, 2011” in the main hall, and orange shirted workers stood guard there. After awhile, with little fanfare, the cover came off, and workers handed out these delicious little candies all day.

The Minis are basically unwrapped, smaller Reese’s cups in a bag. Somehow it seems that the chocolate/peanut butter ratio has been tweaked for the better. These are really freakin’ good. I think I’m more excited about these than I am any kind of PlayStation Phone.

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