CES: Let’s see you get a quick start in this thing


But you’re not really going anywhere. You can mash your foot on the pedal all you want, but you’ll hear no engine. All you’ll hear is your ass squeaking against inflated plastic.

This is CTA’s Inflatable Wii Kart. We found this toward the back of the south hall at CES today. You can stick your Wii Remote (with or without the Wii Motion Plus) in the car’s steering wheel and go at it in just about any Wii racing game. They had Mario Kart Wii up for people to test drive, and no one at the show was shy about jumping in. I can tell you that this thing can take the weight, too. I saw countless large, drunken man-children trying it out today. It looks like it’s for kids, but we all know the truth.

Dale North