CES: iPad Fling controller is pretty awesome

Sticking a thumb pad on an iPad with a suction cup doesn’t sound it would work well, but it really does in this case. I had a chance to get hands-on with the Fling from Ten One Design today, and I came away impressed.

Two little suction cups stick right on your iPad’s glass. Connected to those cups is a thumbpad that glides effortlessly across the iPad. The rings of plastic create a resistance that feels like a quality analog stick, and letting go of it returns the pad to center, just like a real controller. Your thumb won’t know the difference once you get playing. This is a great idea that turned into a quality product.

The cups let you decide exactly where you want to place the sticks for maximum hand comfort, and you always have the option of placing two on for games like Geometry Wars Touch. When you’re done, pop it off and stick it in the little black drawstring bag it comes with. 

The Fling isn’t out yet, but Ten One tells me that they are taking pre-orders now at their website. There’s four colors: Ice, Ninja, Ultraviolet, and Spring. The Fling is priced at $24.95.

Dale North