CES: Impressions of the new Nyko line-up

Nyko brought their new gaming accessories to CES and I had a chance to test a few of them out yesterday. 

There’s lots of guns, folks. The Wii got a gun update with the Perfect Shot Pro. I shot with the new camo gun, which gave a nice little kickback on each shot. This has a great hand feel. There’s also a new Perfect Shot for the PS3, and just like with the Wii, you can dock your Move controller in the top. It’s a bit lighter and less balanced than the Wii gun, but it does the trick.

The gun that liked most is the Power Shot for PS3 and Move. Like Sony’s Sharp Shooter, this one holds the Move and Navigation controllers. I liked it better than the Sharp Shooter for its slightly smaller size and sliding stock. It had a better feel to it overall, I think. Also cool was the Navigation controller’s adjustable angle, making the shooting game world a better place for lefties.

For the Xbox 360, the Intercooler STS was keeping things…cool. It fits so perfectly with the new ‘slim’ design that it almost looked like a high-end mod at first glance. There’s also a new Charge Base for the Xbox 360. It’s pretty sleek, with smooth light-up indicators for each battery pack that’s docked. 

Finally, in the Things You Didn’t Know You Needed category, Nyko has big ol’ extension cable for the Xbox 360 that they’re calling ExtendLink. It’s a flat-cabled (for a clean installation), 15 foot USB cable for Kinect. If you have a larger living room or a setup that has your system placed far away from your television, you’ll love this. The cable is of a high quality and even has a LED link indicator at the end, letting you know your cable run is good. Nyko saved me a couple of years back with a similar product, a 50 foot network cable.

Dale North