CES: A wild 3DS accessories appears from Power A

A few companies are gearing up for the 3DS launch this year, and accessory maker Power A is one of them. They had a few different types of cases and even a full 3DS accessories kit to show off today.

Power A’s Executive Case for the 3DS is a nice looking black slip case. Inside there’s two bands to hold 3DS games. It should be priced under $15 when it hits shelves in a couple of months. The slightly larger flip-top cases seen above are nicely made, and should go for about the same price. If you’re going on a long trip and want to bring a ton of games, you’ll want their Elite Transporter (about $20). It holds the 3DS, accessories, and about 40 games. It’s going to be awhile until there’s 40 games for the 3DS, though. 

Power A’s Excursion Starter Kit has everything you need besides the 3DS itself. It comes with a transport case, earbuds, a car adapter, wipe cloth, screen protectors and two different types of styluses.

While not 3DS related, Power A also showed off a few controllers. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 will get Air Flo controllers, which have vents in the grips to blow air on your hands to keep them dry. There’s two fan speeds and switchable backlights for the buttons.

I liked their Mini Pro controllers, which are also coming to both consoles. I tried the PS3 version with a bit of Gran Turismo 5 today and I liked the smaller size for my hands. The analog sticks were also nice, with their thumb indentions and grip points. 

Finally, I got hands on with Power A’s new mini Wii controllers, which are perfect for children or people that have small hands. These new ones have Wii Motion Plus integrated in them. A little button in the top right corner of the controller lets you flip between 7 different button backlight colors. A bundle will come with the Remote and Nunchuck for about $39.


Dale North