CES 2010:Mad Catz to make new FightSticks and FightPads

Mad Catz plans to follow-up on Capcom’s Street Fighter IV follow-up with more licensed Fight Sticks and Fight Pads. This afternoon, the manufacturer announced the Super Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition “S” Arcade Fight Stick and SSFIV-branded Fight Pads for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

According to the release materials, the stick will feature the same Sanwa parts and options as Mad Catz previous TE Fight Stick — the key change is its slimmer size and different front art. On the Fight Pad front, we’re looking at four new Fight Pads with the same stuff as the last go around, just with new art.

No release date was announced, but Mad Catz expects that the TE Stick will retail at $149.99, while the Fight Pads will go for $39.99. Order soon this time, eh?

Brad BradNicholson