CES 2010: Your PSN ID to be useful with other Sony stuff

Shortly after Sir Howard Stringer attempted to eat Taylor Swift (in full 3D) at Sony’s 2010 press conference, Kaz Hirai walked onto the poorly lit stage and revealed something Sony should have done a billion years ago: the company is integrating PSN IDs and some of its content across several of its products.

Starting next month, people will be able to use their PSN accounts to stream “100s” of PSN-available movies in HD and SD directly to their Sony Bravia and blu-ray devices, as well as their Vaios and Windows-enabled PCs.

This initiative will only be available in six countries initially.

So, in short, Sony is leveraging its PSN service and allowing for a universal login for those of us with more than a single Sony product in our homes. We’ve contacted the platform publisher to ask if a Sony-Internet-Capable shoe is on the horizon, because honestly, we really want to watch Armored on a shoe. Call it a dream. Or something.

Brad BradNicholson