CES 2010: Alienware unveils the M11x

Doing the LAN thing with the M17x is great exercise — the machine’s robust shape and weight maximizes strain on hard to sculpt back muscles. But if you’re not into lugging portable gaming rigs for the sake of looking like a Greek god, rest easy: the M11x is a thing.

Announced during Dell’s CES press conference, the M11x is Alienware’s latest gaming laptop. Its 11-inch design makes it more compact than the rest of the manufacturer’s line, and apparently the laptop’s power doesn’t suffer because of this. Gizmodo is reporting that this pup can do two hours of “intense gaming,” and reach 50 FPS in a nasty game like Crysis (among other hip tech stuff).

We just want to know if it can do Peggle. In 50 windows at the same time.

Dell Alienware M11X Is Their First Ultraportable Gaming Netbook [Gizmodo]

Brad BradNicholson