CES 2009: Street Fighter IV’s Fei Long and Rose in action

Yesterday we were able to show you a few of Street Fighter IV‘s newer stages and fighters in action, but it seems that Fei Long and Rose slipped through the cracks in our coverage. We can’t get to everyone, but c’mon — it’s Fei Long, people.

We have them both today, going head to head in cam vision for you. Both characters look great in action. We’re also able to show you Fei Long’s Ultra Combo in action toward the end of the video. Make sure to look at Rose’s oh noes face when she knows the real sh*t is going down. And, for you sickos, there’s a panty shot at 1:39 when Rose gets knocked into the stratosphere.

As a bonus, you’ll see this fight set in the East Asia – Run-down Back Alley stage, but with a late-night twist. Check out the slick lighting.

Dale North