CES 2009: Over 110,000 ill-dressed douchebags in attendance this year

According to retail publication Twice, over 110,000 balding, overweight, blue-jacket-with-brown-slacks-wearing douchebags waddled the floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center this week to check out the new wares at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Of course, they called them “attendees,” but we have better names for them.

This isn’t a final number; that will come in a couple of months. It looks like attendance is down last year, just as we pointed out in our CES impressions yesterday. CEA’s president barfed up some statement that points to “quality over quantity” when speaking on attendance. Recession. Blah, blah.

A few days ago, Nick and I were doing our duty, going through and photographing funny things and laughing at the self-important as*holes here. We weren’t moving fast enough for one group of the fat bastards. He called out behind us, channeling some strange new retail buyer supervillian as he said, “gentlemen, excuse”  with his thundering voice.

Of course, I told him to f*ck off,  we mocked him, and have continued to quote him throughout the event.

Destructoid is still here, finishing off our last bit of coverage, typing with red eyes and unrested brains. Bear with us.

Dale North