CES 2008: Nyko aims for our hearts with the Charge Base 2 for PS3

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Any PS3 controller charger is enough to win me over. Having to directly connect USB cables to the console and power it on to charge the SIXAXIS is quite the hassle, and it’s not as quick as it could be. Nyko took things one step further, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the packaging and design of the Charge Base 2 for PS3 is as charming as could be.

As you can see, the packaging bears a strong resemblance to the iconic mascot of the web’s finest gaming community. Even the promotional sticker is made with robot-ey goodness.

It’s not all just looks. I had a chance to get a hands-on look at the Charge Base 2, and it is a pretty slick charging solution. Two small contact adapters are included, and they plug into the top of the SIXAXIS’ USB ports and allow the controller to simply sit upside-down in the charger. The system is A/C powered, so it charges much faster than the standard USB. Nyko tells me that 4 hours will provide a full charge.

Quick, painless controller charging with a sexy robot design? It’s like they read our minds!

Hit the jump for more pictures of the Charge Base 2. 

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