CES 2008: In-game XMB is coming to a PS3 near you soon

It’s almost time to quit yer bellyachin’, as Sony has finally announced that PS3 owners will soon be able to get into their console’s operating system without having to leave the comfort of their game’s universe. An in-game XMB has been on the average PS3 lover’s wishlist for some time now, so it was hardly a surprise that Sony would follow in the Xbox 360’s footsteps and provide one. Yay for all with a black box of Blu-ray!

Sony made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show, but is too busy focusing on hardware at the event to talk in-depth about the XMB. A date should hopefully be coming soon, along with more details. This should make life a little sweeter for PS3 owners, at any rate, so Sony needs to get on the ball quick.

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