Certifiably awesome: 8-bit classics built in Boom Blox level editor

LittleBigPlanet may be getting all the press these days for people recreating classic games in it, but it’s not the only game where that’s possible — far from it, in fact. EA released Boom Blox earlier this year to lukewarm sales, which is a travesty, since the game is frickin’ awesome. Thankfully, a sequel is (reportedly) on the way; that’s a wonderful thing, because bitches need to know ’bout my Boom Blox.

The game happens to have its own level creator, which I didn’t even know about until very recently, and as evinced by the video above, you can do some pretty amazing things with it. Someone has put together versions of levels from Super Mario Bros., Galaga, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, and Pac-Man. The Duck Hunt level is my favorite one — what’s yours?

[Thanks, JJ!]

Samit Sarkar