Centipede and Star Raiders may be getting remakes also

The upcoming remake of Haunted House for Wii and Xbox 360 might be just the beginning for Atari franchises getting rebooted. Siliconera has spotted listings on Gamefly for Centipede and Star Raiders now. The titles are listed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and, since Gamefly only rents out full retail releases, there are good odds that these will ship on a disc.

If they’re even real at all. Gamefly is typically pretty reliable when it comes to these listings, so I’d expect we’ll hear an announcement about these two games in the near future.

When I heard the news about Haunted House, I was rather surprised. Sure, it’s a great game. I’d go so far as to call it brilliant, when you consider that this was a 2600 title. But it lacks in the name recognition department. Seeing Centipede show up puts my mind at ease. For a second there, I thought Atari was had the wrong idea about how to exploit their properties.

Atari Planning Remakes Of Centipede And Star Raiders For PS3 And Xbox 360? [Siliconera]

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