Censored RPG travels to Europe October 16

チーズ トイレ

[Note: This image was created by Destructoid. It is not a reflection of Dungeon Travelers 2’s in-game graphics, or how Atlus has gone about applying “minor edits” to four of the game’s images. Sorry for any confusion.]

Atlus recently announced Dungeon Travelers 2 for a North American release this summer, and now we know when NIS America plans to publish the upcoming PS Vita game in Europe: October 16.

The RPG comes from Aquaplus, a company known for producing adult content like the To Heart erotic visual novel series on which the Dungeon Travelers titles are based. 

Much like its source material, Dungeon Travelers 2 features some explicit imagery. Simply put, the game rewards players for their hard work with naughty pictures — some of which Atlus was forced to edit in order to get the title past classification boards.

Destructoid’s Steven Hansen recently had an opportunity to see the game and its four censored images, which he described as scantily clad girls that looked “too underage.” Many of these characters are also put into sexual situations, including one that is sucking on a phallic mushroom.

Dungeon Travelers 2 is currently planned for a summer launch in North America.

Kyle MacGregor Burleson