Celeste celebrates third anniversary with sequel to the Pico-8 original

Strawberry Fields Forever

Everyone’s favorite charming, ethereal, evocative, and controller-snappingly difficult platformer Celeste is now three years old. How time (and Madeline) flies. And to celebrate the birthday of the indie smash hit, original creators Noel Berry, Maddy Thorson, and Lena Raine have released a sequel to the 8-bit title that started it all.

Developed during a Game Jam back in the late 2010s, the rudimentary title now known as Celeste Classic inspired the mega-selling 2018 release, which tells the tale of a young woman’s battle to surmount the titular mountain along with her own doubts and fears. Made in just three days, Celeste Classic 2: Lani’s Trek sees a new hero embark upon her own pixelated adventure, swapping out Celeste’s air-dash mechanic for a trusty grappling hook.

We waved goodbye to the world of Celeste – as well as its memorable cast of characters – in 2019 DLC expansion Farewell. But Lani’s Trek will hopefully scratch an itch for all you C-Side conquerors, at least until we see a new project from the talented team that gave us an instant classic.

Chris Moyse
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