Celebrate Splatoon 2’s first Splatfest with this phenomenal fan art

From the developers of Owlboy, Iconoclast, Cat Girl Without Salad and more

[Humanized Off The Hook by @eafrns]

Though the game is still a week out, Splatoon 2‘s first international Splatfest competition launches today via a free demo. In fact, the European leg of the battle has already started, while the North American portion of the contest gets going today at 3pm PST. 

To help celebrate, I thought I’d post some of the more eye catching fan art of the game’s two leading ladies for you to review. You may already know Marina from last week’s post on her potential racial identifiers (which ended up being a topic of discussion on the Spawn on Me podcast), but this time, Pearl won’t be left out. She may seem entitled, selfish, and not at all likable, but gosh darn it, she’s still somebodies squid baby, and she deserves a chance just like anyone else. 

If you find any more Off The Hook Splatoon 2 fan art, make sure to drop it in the comments! 

By Simon Anderson, co-creator of Owlboy (process gif here)

By Joakim Sandberg, creator of The Iconoclasts

By Dave, artist on Cartoon Network’s OK KO!

By freelance Illustrator Anton Oxenuk

By animator Layeyez

By Steve Borbolla, storyboard artist on Cartoon Network’s OK KO!

By Linzbot, artist on Cat Girl Without Salad and Teenage Pokemon

By Felipe Martins, freelance artist and animator

Jonathan Holmes
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