Celebrate Friday the 13th with a game that goes back in time to 2010-era Destructoid

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For the past three or four years I’ve been helping game studio Secret Base to connect with other people in the industry while offering general PR advice for Streets of Red: Devil’s Deluxe, which just released on PS4 and Switch yesterday.

I’ve done this work for free, mostly because I like the game, but also because it features my old Dtoid Show colleague Anthony Carboni as a playable character, and I absolutely love seeing my friends in video games. That’s why I asked Jim Sterling to be a boss for this enhanced console port, Devil’s Dare, and also for him to take a few minutes to record his voice for the game. After years of putting me in compromising positions on our various podcasts, I didn’t think he would say no. Thankfully, I was right. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding what makes Streets of Red special. I’m in no position to fairly review it, seeing as I influenced at least some of the content, but I still think I can safely recommend the game to anyone who’s a fan of 2010-era Dtoid. Streets of Red feels like that period of our site’s history, but in beat ’em up form. Also, its about 20% off for a limited time, so if you’re at all optimistic about it, then now’s the time to pick it up.  

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