Celebrate DayZ’s long coming launch with a free weekend

1.0 now available

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After five years of early-access, DayZ is finally available as a full game. The title that kicked off the survival craze, DayZ could also be seen as the progenitor of the recent “battle royale” fad that has swept over the industry. Basically, every title in its wake has copied some aspect of Bohemia Interactive’s once popular zombie sandbox.

You can currently play the game free this weekend to celebrate the launch. If you’re so inclined to purchase it, DayZ is currently 15% off it’s $34.99 price. This offer (both the free weekend and price cut) will be active until December 17, so you’ll only have a few days to take advantage of it.

DayZ lumbers out of early access with a free weekend [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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